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Aug 23

New Mexico Supreme Court: of Faith and Photographs

Americans are an inherently fair people. We are a nation that is held together, not by a common ethnicity, religion, or geography going back to time immortal, but by a belief…ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Whether we have always lived up to or even respected that belief is another topic for another time, but rarely […]

Jul 30

On faith, science, and life – why I am opposed to abortion

My faith also gives me possibly a greater view in the importance of every life believing no life is a random, accident of the universe. But, because I am a rational being who understands history, philosophy and religion, I can state with resolve that a human life should not be terminated for fleeting or inconsequential reasons such as personal comfort or economy.

Jul 02

The Faith of Our Founding Fathers…in us

Much has been written over time about the personal faith of our Founding Fathers, their belief that the hand of Divine Providence was guiding the creation of this nation for a higher purpose. What is less discussed is the faith they had in the people of this great and emerging nation, people who were looked […]