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Dec 04

AJC Political Insider: Gun-happy Kennesaw was won by Democrat Hillary Clinton

One of our number-crunching friends has taken a deeper dive into Cobb County’s November swing into the Democrat camp of Hillary Clinton, by lining up ballots cast with city boundaries — a somewhat tedious and time-consuming process. It was a more thorough victory than some might have thought. Here’s the biggest surprise: The city of […]

Dec 03

MDJ: GOP debate: Should ex-chair be kicked out of the party?

FIREWORKS ERUPTED this week when the Cobb County Republican Committee argued over whether former county GOP chairman Joe Dendy should be booted from the organization. Dendy was arrested in May on charges that he molested two boys. He was indicted in August on 13 charges with a trial date scheduled for next month. At Tuesday’s […]

Aug 09

The Daily Beast: GOP Power Player—and Accused Child Molester

EVIL He was a huge Georgia Republican power player. And the whole time, he was allegedly molesting children. Dozens of them. It took five decades to get him behind bars. GOLDIE TAYLOR 08.09.16 6:25 PM ET There are potentially dozens of victims—children as young as four years old—spanning at least three states over five decades. […]