Tag: Ethics

Nov 04

Election Fraud in Georgia – Historic reports

From the “Columbian Centinel,” No. 52 of vol. XV, Boston, Mass. September 10, 1791 Page 2. Georgia, Savannah, July 29, 1791 We the grand jury Chatham county in the state aforesaid, present: I. The election held at Elberton, in the county of Effingham, on the 3rd day of January last for a member to represent […]

Jul 30

On faith, science, and life – why I am opposed to abortion

My faith also gives me possibly a greater view in the importance of every life believing no life is a random, accident of the universe. But, because I am a rational being who understands history, philosophy and religion, I can state with resolve that a human life should not be terminated for fleeting or inconsequential reasons such as personal comfort or economy.

Aug 27

AJC: Young Republicans internal strife ends up in court

By Chris Joyner The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 4:35 p.m. Saturday, August 27, 2011 DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie took a parental tone with the feuding board of the Georgia Young Republicans Friday, telling both sides, in effect, to use your words. It was the second time in seven days the parties had appeared before […]