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May 03

NYT: Georgia Wonders: Will Newcomers Dye the Suburbs Blue?

By RICHARD FAUSSET MAY 3, 2017 JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — At first blush, this bedroom city of 83,000 a half-hour north of Atlanta might be mistaken for the perfect example of a white-flight Sun Belt suburb. It sits squarely in the congressional district once represented by Newt Gingrich, with excellent public schools and master-planned communities […]

Apr 12

POLITICO: Rattled Republicans turn their eyes to Georgia

“By Democrats pumping in money here, they’ve awakened the sleeping giant that is the Republican base in the district,” said Jason Shepherd, chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party. “There are not enough Democrats here to win, unless the Republican base doesn’t turn out, but now the base knows that they need to turn out.”

May 15

Looking Ahead; Special Georgia Primary Preview!

Originally Published in King & Spalding’s Investing In Georgia; Economic Development Newsletter While November is still six months away, Georgians will head to the polls on Tuesday, May 20 to pick their party’s nominees for that election. If May 20 seems early, that’s because it is. As the result of a July 2013 ruling by U.S. […]

Sep 30

AJC: 2,300 ‘jobs’ lost never were for real

by JIM WOOTEN, Atlanta Journal Constitution 6:03 pm September 30, 2010, by jwooten Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic: National Democrats, frightened by the prospect that voters will throw them out of power in Congress, launch a new strategy, according to The New York Times. It’s to scour the public records and other sources to find trash […]

Jan 28

MDJ: Cobb lawmakers, residents focus on jobs in address

by Brandon Wilson and Katy Ruth Camp, The Marietta Daily Journal 01.28.10 – 01:00 am COBB COUNTY – Georgia’s senators and U.S. representatives from Cobb, as well as residents throughout the county, agreed that the president needed to focus on jobs and the economy in his State of the Union address. Although President […]

Jan 25

AJC: Underdog role OK to Young Democrats

By Kevin Duffy The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 01/25/07 The governor’s Republican. The lieutenant governor’s Republican. The state Senate and House are Republican. What’s a YD —- a Young Democrat —- to do? Move to New York? Nah. Head to happy hour. If you have to be the underdog, at least have some fun. “It’s […]

Feb 20

Divided We’ve Stood – A Brief History of GOP Conflict

by JASON M. SHEPHERD Feb. 20, 1999 It seems that the Democrats and the National Press Corp have already written the obituary for the Republican Party. Riding high on a wave of a presidential acquittal and public opinion poll eminence, the Democrats are poised to extract revenge on a seemingly deeply divided GOP. Democrats see […]