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May 03

NYT: Georgia Wonders: Will Newcomers Dye the Suburbs Blue?

By RICHARD FAUSSET MAY 3, 2017 JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — At first blush, this bedroom city of 83,000 a half-hour north of Atlanta might be mistaken for the perfect example of a white-flight Sun Belt suburb. It sits squarely in the congressional district once represented by Newt Gingrich, with excellent public schools and master-planned communities […]

Apr 24

WABE: Early Voting Could Get Easier In 6th District Runoff

By JOHNNY KAUFFMAN • APR 24, 2017 DeKalb’s top elections official said there’s “no doubt” the county’s board of elections will call for an additional early voting location ahead of the closely watched special election in the 6th Congressional District set for June 20.  Maxine Daniels, DeKalb’s director of voter registration and elections, said the […]

Apr 13

NPR: Political parties spend big in Georgia’s special congressional election

By Johnny Kauffman April 13, 2017 | 12:00 PM The November election was only five months ago, but already Republicans and Democrats are raising and spending big bucks in special congressional elections, like those in Kansas and Georgia this month. The outside money is really pouring into Georgia, where a special election is set for […]

Feb 24

Without you, Cobb Stays Blue

Congratulations on your being elected as a delegate to the Cobb County Republican Convention at our recent Mass Precinct Meeting, February 11. This is an exciting time for the Cobb County GOP as we’ve elected a focused, business-oriented, determined President to lead our nation! It is imperative to keep that momentum and bring the message […]

Nov 06

You’re So Vain – Obama Edition

Thanks to Monica Matthews for recording the first stanza You walked up to the podium like you were walking up to your tee. A smirk strategically across your face, Right there for them all to see. You had both eyes on the prompter as you watched the press stirring. And all the reporters dreamed they’d […]

Nov 04

Election Fraud in Georgia – Historic reports

From the “Columbian Centinel,” No. 52 of vol. XV, Boston, Mass. September 10, 1791 Page 2. Georgia, Savannah, July 29, 1791 We the grand jury Chatham county in the state aforesaid, present: I. The election held at Elberton, in the county of Effingham, on the 3rd day of January last for a member to represent […]

Aug 30

Hey, Hey, Hey…Obama Press Conference on the Blurred Line in Syria

Hello, I’m Barack Obama   [Intro] Kerry get up Hey, Hey,  Hey Hey, Hey,  Hey Hagel get up Hey, Hey,  Hey   [Verse 1] If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say If you can’t read from the front page Maybe they’re using gas, Maybe they’re going crazy, Maybe they crossed my Red line. […]

Mar 01

Sequester Diary…Day 1

First day of the Sequester. The sky is cloudy. Grey. Like the sun itself has been Sequestered. I listen…there is something odd. Then it hits me. No birds sing to greet the morning. I think, “They must have been Sequestered too.” I step out of my home and the cold, bitter air of the Sequester […]

Jan 28

MDJ: Cobb lawmakers, residents focus on jobs in address

by Brandon Wilson and Katy Ruth Camp, The Marietta Daily Journal 01.28.10 – 01:00 am COBB COUNTY – Georgia’s senators and U.S. representatives from Cobb, as well as residents throughout the county, agreed that the president needed to focus on jobs and the economy in his State of the Union address. Although President […]

Jun 07

Save the Environment; Cap and Trade Congress!

  If you want to fight global warming (if there is such a thing), then my advice is Cap and Trade Congress. Last night’s narrow vote to send the Cap and Trade bill to the Senate got me thinking about the danger Congress is, not just to our economy, but to the environment.   The […]