Tag: 2008 Election

Aug 09

To Russia, with love

In 1984, at the height of the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign ran an ad. The ad, simply called “The Bear,” hit at the heart of the difference between Republican and Democratic views on the Soviet threat. The ad was simple enough, footage of an American grizzly bear wandering through the woods while […]

Jun 22

MDJ: JASON SHEPHERD: Analyzing the runoff for county chairman

The 2016 Georgia Republican Primary has been extended in Cobb County with the July 26 runoff between incumbent Commission Chairman Tim Lee and challenger Mike Boyce, a retired Marine Colonel. With no Democratic challenger, and barring an independent candidate entering the race, the winner of the runoff will serve the next four years as Chairman […]

Oct 02

Featured on Fox 5 Atlanta: 34 Days and 34,000 Polls to Go

Thirty-four days out and many are already writing the obituary of the GOP in this election, and not all of them are members of the leftist media. I hear it from GOP activists and right winged bloggers. Some like Kathleen Parker have even suggested that Sarah Palin drop off the ticket to give McCain any […]

Sep 03

Fox 5 Atlanta: Do Lead Balloons Bounce? And Joe backs Mac.

What happened to Obama’s convention bounce? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that the predicted 16 point bounce was more like a small swell. The CNN/Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama at 50 to McCain’s 42 is 4 whole points over what Obama had before the DNC Convention. We’ll see what happens to the […]

Sep 01

Fox 5 Atlanta: Ma! Ma! Where’s My Pa?

In 1884, Democrat nominee Grover Cleveland was running for President against the Republican Speaker of the House, James Blaine. Cleveland, who was single, was rumored to have fathered a child out of wedlock. The GOP dogged Cleveland by calling out at Cleveland rallies, “Ma! Ma! Where’s my Pa?!” After Cleveland’s win, making him the first […]

Sep 01

Fox 5 Atlanta: First Day at the Excel Center

With prayers answered, Gustov did not hit as directly or as strongly as it could have. Georgia was seated right in front of the Louisiana delegation and most of the media was focused on our friends from the Pelican State. I do have several good friends from Louisiana who were there too. One of them […]

Aug 30

Fox 5 Atlanta: Touchdown in Minnesota

This post was originally featured on Fox 5 Atlanta. No, I’m not referring to the 45 points scored by my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, but the fact that my wife and I have made it to Minneapolis. This is the first opening day in Sanford Stadium I’ve missed in many years and the Bulldog Radio Network […]

Aug 29

Fox 5 Atlanta: Meet Sarah Palin

So what do I think of the GOP Veep? Bigger home run than any we’ve seen all season at Turner Field! Being somewhat of a political wonk…or at least a wannabe wonk…I started floating Sarah’s name a few months ago. As part of the Mike Huckabee team for Georgia, the former Arkansas Governor was my […]

Aug 23

Fox 5 Atlanta: Sucking Even More Oxygen from the Mile High City

As a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis and having attended one previous Republican National Convention, the 2004 Convention in New York, I am pleased to be able to help Fox 5 Atlanta with their coverage. Four years ago I was also one of two official bloggers for a certain Atlanta newspaper, posting […]