"The grand ideas of Ronald Reagan live…in young Americans like Jason Shepherd…"

About Pamela Croxton

First Vice-Chairman

“Pam Croxton brings a strong business background and education and entrepreneur spirit to the position of First Vice-Chairman. I am honored to have her part of our team to Make Cobb Red Again!” – Jason Shepherd

  • Lifelong Conservative
  • Legal Emigrant from Canada, citizenship 1994 to vote
  • Business degree in Finance/Marketing, & Chemical Technology
  • Grassroots in Cobb County 2000 to present
  • Precinct chair current & House District Chair past
  • Received CCRWC Sue Everhart Award 2007
  • Independent Business Woman (Realtor)
  • Worked on many statewide campaigns
  • Active member of St. Ann Catholic Church
  • Cancer survivor