About Michael Davis

Second Vice-Chairman

“I asked Michael to join our team and run for 2nd Vice-Chairman because I believe that if you want to grow the grassroots, pick someone who built a business growing grass roots.” – Jason Shepherd


Michael adds this about how he has honored his mother after she passed away from cancer:

“My mom, Joni, had her own business making super hero capes for birthday parties and other events for adult and kids. Before my mom passed last year on Sept 16, 2014 from cancer, she wanted us, the family, to donate capes to kids with cancer. It’s not a nonprofit business – we just don’t charge money when we go to events and hospitals and give them out. Nothing makes you smile more then seeing a child with super powers!” “

JoEllen Smith has this to say about Michael Davis,

“I met Michael Davis a few years ago when he volunteered on my campaign. I saw first hand his exemplary work ethic, conservative values and strong ability to be a supportive part of a team. He will be a benefit to any team.”