I believe blue is a great color, if we are talking about things like “blue skies” and “blueberries,” but blue is not a great color for Cobb County, Georgia. Cobb County is the 5th largest Republican county in the United States, or at least it was until this year when Cobb County went blue for the first time since 1976.

Hillary Clinton’s victory in Cobb County represented a whopping 20,000 vote swing away from the GOP that rippled throughout our races. From U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson to State Senator Hunter Hill, the result of 6 years of the Joe Dendy/Rose Wing teams have left Cobb County vulnerable, and the GOP losing market-share. In 2007, more than 1,200 Republicans turned out for the Cobb County Republican Convention. In 2015, it was barely over 300. 

When I was elected a Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party in 2001, Georgia hadn’t elected a Republican Governor since Reconstruction, but focusing on grassroots recruitment and direct voter engagement under Chairman Ralph Reed, we turned Georgia RED and elected Republican Sonny Perdue Governor and took control of the Georgia Senate in 2002.

In 2005, I took those same principles to the Young Republican organization. Elected Chairman of the Buckhead YR Club with only 4 members in attendance, by the end of my first term one year later, we were the largest Young Republican Club in the State with the most diverse membership. The most important thing was to recruit a tremendous team of individuals, and together we started growing the organization. At the 2005 Young Republican National Convention, the club took home numerous awards beating other clubs from around the nation. In 2006, seeing the results in Buckhead, in an open seat election, I was honored by being elected State Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans without opposition. 

Having spent the last 22 years recruiting young people into the party through positions in the College Republicans and Young Republicans, training over 1,000 conservative activists throughout our state and nation, and even internationally, on how to get out the vote, and with a team that brings a wealth of both business and political experience, we are ready to MAKE COBB RED AGAIN!

“MAKE COBB RED AGAIN” is not our slogan, it’s our mission statement.

In political campaigns, just like in business, leadership is shown in results.

We don’t “earn” an ability to lead. 

Abilities aren’t earned, but come through years of practice, dedication, and determination. 

Leadership is rooted in experience and forged in character. Finally, leadership is shown by our actions. 

We believe blaming voters for failing is like a football coach blaming a loss on the fans. 

Our team is counting on your support and activism at the Cobb County Republican Convention, Saturday, March 11, because, with your help, we can MAKE COBB RED AGAIN and WIN in 2018!


Jason Shepherd

Candidate for Chairman