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Apr 13

MDJ: Letter to the Editor: 6th District voters ‘too darn smart’ to elect Ossoff

DEAR EDITOR: Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff is right when he told Around Town that 6th District voters “are just too darn smart,” but he’s wrong about it having anything to do with negative ads against him. Sixth District voters are just too darn smart to vote for a 30-year-old with a resume that includes “congressional […]

Feb 27

Newton County GOP Leaders Issue Endorsements of Jason Shepherd

Throughout 2016, Jason Shepherd worked with the leadership of the Newton County GOP to help get the county party back on track. Jason currently volunteers his services as General Counsel for the Newton County GOP. In the video above, Scott Jay, First Vice-Chairman of the Newton County Republican Party talks about how Jason Shepherd helped […]

Aug 09

To Russia, with love

In 1984, at the height of the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign ran an ad. The ad, simply called “The Bear,” hit at the heart of the difference between Republican and Democratic views on the Soviet threat. The ad was simple enough, footage of an American grizzly bear wandering through the woods while […]

Jul 09

Brexit, Oscar Wilde, and What it Means for Donald Trump

On June 23, voters in the United Kingdom shocked the world when they voted to end the UK’s membership in the European Union, a political entity that the UK had a strong hand in bringing into existence following World War II. However, what initially started as a dream of a common trading zone had, over […]

Jun 22

MDJ: JASON SHEPHERD: Analyzing the runoff for county chairman

The 2016 Georgia Republican Primary has been extended in Cobb County with the July 26 runoff between incumbent Commission Chairman Tim Lee and challenger Mike Boyce, a retired Marine Colonel. With no Democratic challenger, and barring an independent candidate entering the race, the winner of the runoff will serve the next four years as Chairman […]

May 15

Looking Ahead; Special Georgia Primary Preview!

Originally Published in King & Spalding’s Investing In Georgia; Economic Development Newsletter While November is still six months away, Georgians will head to the polls on Tuesday, May 20 to pick their party’s nominees for that election. If May 20 seems early, that’s because it is. As the result of a July 2013 ruling by U.S. […]

Apr 15

2014 Final Legislative Update: General Assembly Ends with Positive News for Economic Development.

Originally Published in King & Spalding’s Investing In Georgia, Economic Development Newsletter The 2014 session of the Georgia General Assembly adjourned Sine Die after 40 Legislative Days on March 20, 2012 working up to the midnight deadline to allow key legislation to be voted up or down before the session came to a close. No […]

Jan 22

On the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “All men are CREATED equal…” He did not write, “All men are BORN equal.” He further wrote, that with that creation, we “are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” From the moment we are created, the government’s […]

Aug 23

New Mexico Supreme Court: of Faith and Photographs

Americans are an inherently fair people. We are a nation that is held together, not by a common ethnicity, religion, or geography going back to time immortal, but by a belief…ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Whether we have always lived up to or even respected that belief is another topic for another time, but rarely […]

Jul 30

On faith, science, and life – why I am opposed to abortion

My faith also gives me possibly a greater view in the importance of every life believing no life is a random, accident of the universe. But, because I am a rational being who understands history, philosophy and religion, I can state with resolve that a human life should not be terminated for fleeting or inconsequential reasons such as personal comfort or economy.