Mar 09

Daniel Hannan Urges Cobb Republicans to Vote Shepherd for Chairman

Daniel Hannan is a British politician, journalist, and author who has been a Member of the European Parliament for South East England since 1999 for the Conservative Party. He is also the Secretary-General of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR), an advocate of localism and a Eurosceptic. After stints as a speech-writer for Michael Howard and William Hague, Hannan was elected to the European Parliament at the 1999 elections. He […]

Mar 07

Former Cobb GOP School Board Member Tim Stultz Endorses Shepherd For Chairman

Thanks to former Cobb School Board member Tim Stultz for his endorsement! “Jason and I first met back in the Spring of 2008, as a small group of young conservatives were meeting to re-establish the Cobb County Young Republicans. Jason was the current state chair of the Georgia Young Republicans, and as a Cobb County […]

Mar 07

Former 1st Vice-Chairman SC GOP Endorses Shepherd for Cobb Chairman

I got to know Jason back in the winter of 2006 when I was trying to reorganize the SC Young Republicans. Jason reached out to me and the chartering committee to give us some help and advice about the process as Jason played a big role in the National Young Republican Federation and knew its […]

Mar 06

Michael Huneke Endorses Shepherd for Chairman. 

Michael Huneke, former Chairman of the Bartow County Republican Party and 1st Vice-Chairman of the 11th Congressional District issued the following statement regarding Jason Shepherd: “I came to know Jason M. Shepherd when serving on the 11th District Committee together. When he became chairman of the District Committee I served as 1st vice chairman. Jason […]

Mar 02

Former 9th District Chair Doug Grammer Endorses Shepherd for Cobb Chairman 

I’ve been involved in Republican politics since 1992. I’ve met quite a few activists, but few have the courage to fight when it is unpopular, the vision to understand how a difference can be made, the compassion to be fair to others even when they disagree with him, and the drive to go after goals […]

Mar 01

Need childcare for the Cobb GOP Convention? We’ve got you covered!

The Republican Party often promotes itself as being the party focused on the family, but often times we become so focused on ‘doing the work of the party’ we forget to focus on our members and their families. To MAKE COBB RED AGAIN we must first start with our families. Providing for new generations of […]

Feb 28

YOU’RE INVITED! Join us for a rally at the Strand Theatre!

Jason Shepherd, Pamela Croxton, Michael Davis, Debra Williams, John Hightower, Bill Hatley, and Jim Boyd invite you to join them on the 4th Floor balcony at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre as we rally to MAKE COBB RED AGAIN! Come by for an evening of politics, food, music, and fun. We will have a live jazz […]

Feb 27

Newton County GOP Leaders Issue Endorsements of Jason Shepherd

Throughout 2016, Jason Shepherd worked with the leadership of the Newton County GOP to help get the county party back on track. Jason currently volunteers his services as General Counsel for the Newton County GOP. In the video above, Scott Jay, First Vice-Chairman of the Newton County Republican Party talks about how Jason Shepherd helped […]

Feb 24

Without you, Cobb Stays Blue

Congratulations on your being elected as a delegate to the Cobb County Republican Convention at our recent Mass Precinct Meeting, February 11. This is an exciting time for the Cobb County GOP as we’ve elected a focused, business-oriented, determined President to lead our nation! It is imperative to keep that momentum and bring the message […]

Feb 11

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Make Cobb red again?; Welcome to the neighborhood, Dr. Rivera

        MARIETTA ATTORNEY and GOP activist Jason Shepherd has thrown his hat in the ring to be the next chairman of the Cobb Republican Party. Chair Rose Wing will announce at today’s precinct mass meeting at Roswell Street Baptist Church whether she will seek re-election. Republicans who wish to vote in the March […]