Sep 01

AJC Politics 101: Jason Shepherd Checks In, Too

Here’s the latest from NYC. Jason Shepherd’s another delegate up there. Tonight is Georgia’s night to shine as our Democratic Senator Zell Miller takes center stage. But during the day, today, there are no activities planned. This gives the delegates the chance to site-see or do what most are doing…recooperate from three days of no […]

Aug 14

FOX NEWS: Campaigns Consider Singles in 2004 Race

You could call it the politics of singlehood — the Bridget Joneses among America’s voters might prove as important as a swing state in the upcoming presidential election. Though she is, of course, fictitious, the protagonist of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” has come to represent singles everywhere. With 80 million of them living in this country […]

Jun 13

AJC: Ideological offspring follow Reagan’s ideals

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jim Wooten Published on: 06/13/2004 As he slipped Friday into the California sunset after 200,000 Americans had paid their respects, many of whom adored him, there’s little doubt the grand ideas of Ronald Reagan live. In George W. Bush. And in young Americans such as Jason Shepherd of Kennesaw, who with his […]

Aug 02

MDJ: Young republicans return

The Georgia Young Republicans took a delegation to the National Young Republicans convention in Boston on July 13. The Georgia Young Republicans represent republicans in the state between the ages of 18 and 40. With its headquarters in Marietta, the Georgia Young Republicans is the largest republican auxiliary in the state. The national convention elected […]

Jul 22

AJC Political Insider: It turns out you can be a Young Republican until just before you qualify for your AARP card

By TOM BAXTER and JIM GALLOWAY The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday 7.22.03 The Senate majority leader is different, but the medical connection remains Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens (R-Canton) has started putting together his staff for his new role. Katie Grove, formerly with WellStar, started Monday as his chief of staff. Stephens’ predecessor in the job, […]

Jul 13


Boston, Massachusetts, 07/13/2003 The Georgia Young Republicans took a delegation to the National Young Republican Convention in Boston and made the biggest impact of any state. The national convention elected Georgia Young Republican Chairman Jason A. Waters as Secretary of the national State Chairman’s Association and long time Georgia Republican Party Vice-chairman Jason Shepherd to […]

Apr 18

Athens Banner Herald (Letter to the Editor): Can anyone still have doubts about a war to oust Saddam?

How can Doubts About War, or any other group for that matter, still be organizing protests after what we have seen and heard since the liberation of Baghdad? I see masses of Iraqis celebrating their new found freedom, hugging and kissing American and British troops and trying to remove any and all portraits, statues or […]

Feb 02

The Gwinnett Citizen: Republican commissioners hold first caucus meeting

[ATLANTA, GA.] – Republican County Commissioners from across Georgia met together for the first time in state history to form the Republican Organization of County Commissioners (R.O.C.C.). The Commissioners, who were in Atlanta for the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (A.C.C.G.) Conference, felt it was past time for Republicans, who make up a minority […]

Feb 20

Divided We’ve Stood – A Brief History of GOP Conflict

by JASON M. SHEPHERD Feb. 20, 1999 It seems that the Democrats and the National Press Corp have already written the obituary for the Republican Party. Riding high on a wave of a presidential acquittal and public opinion poll eminence, the Democrats are poised to extract revenge on a seemingly deeply divided GOP. Democrats see […]