Nov 12

MDJ: EDITORIAL: Lessons learned in Tuesday’s elections

The first thing to be said about Election Day is that if you didn’t vote, don’t complain. “Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote,” said George Jean Nathan, the American drama critic and editor. Most people didn’t vote on Tuesday, which is puzzling given how every vote counts. There’s […]

Nov 10

AJC Political Insider: Republican loss of Senate seat sparks proposal to change voting process

by GREG BLUESTEIN The bizarre all-Democratic runoff for a state Senate seat long held by Republicans would never have happened under legislation set to be introduced before next year’s legislative session. State Sen. Josh McKoon, a Republican candidate for secretary of state, said he’ll pre-file legislation next week that would require both parties to nominate their […]

Nov 08

MDJ: Two Democrats move on to District 6 runoff

Ricky Leroux Nov 8, 2017 Two Democrats have moved on to a runoff in the race to replace Republican state Sen. Hunter Hill: north Atlanta attorney Jen Jordan and Vinings pediatric dentist Jaha Howard. Jordan received a total of 5,860 votes across the Senate district, good for 24.4 percent, and Howard took 5,398 votes, or […]

Oct 29

MDJ: EDITORIAL: When elections are local, voters stay away in droves; But these are the officials with closest impact

Though no federal or statewide offices will be on the ballot, the stakes are high for the Nov. 7 election. Voters in five of Cobb’s six cities, a state House district and a state Senate district will head to the polls to choose who represents them at the local levels. The seats vacated by former […]

Oct 27

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Cobb has a hate group? Not so fast, says GOP chair

WHAT IS A HATE GROUP and how many of them are in the U.S.? According to the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center, the U.S. has 917 hate groups, 32 in Georgia and, believe it or not, one in Cobb County. Thats right, a hate group right here in Cobb. The Cobb organization landing on the […]

Oct 23

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Kennesaw’s ‘Madam Mayor’ dresses up for a good cause

THE LAST WORD: Speaking of elections, Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd shared the following on his Facebook page on Sunday: I don’t know anyone who is in favor of police brutality and I don’t know how staying on your knees ends it. What I do know is police officers answer to their chiefs who answer […]

Oct 13

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: State Senate hopeful Jaha Howard under fire for social media posts

Democrat Jaha Howard, a Vinings dentist and one of eight candidates vying to fill the state Senate seat formerly held by Republican Hunter Hill, has come under fire for some of his social media posts. The Georgia Voice posted a string of Howard’s social media posts on its website. In one, Howard writes, “Divorce is […]

Oct 06

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Cobb Republicans still support Tom Price

TOM PRICE MAY have been drummed out of Washington, but fellow Cobb Republicans are still squarely in his camp. The former Georgia congressman recently resigned as secretary of Health and Human Services following reports that he used private jets and military aircraft for traveling at a cost of more than $1 million. Former Cobb GOP […]

Sep 11

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: 2009 flood recalled as Irma bears down

Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd recently invited Cobb Democratic Party Chairman Michael Owens as a guest speaker at his political science class at Kennesaw State University to discuss the American party system and the structure of political parties in Georgia. Owens said he had a wonderful time, adding “the greatest benefit to this was not […]

Jun 19

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: GOP chairman questions Jon Ossoff’s London office

TODAY’S RUNOFF between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff has generated such interest that it has spread across the pond. Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd, who has been traveling in Germany with his family, said he planned the trip back in December. To save money, while his wife and children flew to Berlin, he […]