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Jun 07

MDJ: Cobb leaders weigh in on 6th District debate

By Megan Reed Jun 7, 2017 Cobb political observers were split over picking a winner of Tuesday’s televised debate between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff, with each preferring the candidate from their own party. Ossoff and Handel are vying for Georgia’s District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in what has […]

Jun 05

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Another Cobb transit study?

GRAND OLD PARTY: The Georgia Republican Party elected Cobb County resident John Watson as its new chairman at Saturday’s convention in Augusta. Watson, a founding member of the lobbying firm Massey, Watson, Bowers and Hembree, served as then-Gov. Sonny Perdue’s chief of staff. “It just goes to show the strength of the Cobb County Republican […]

Jun 02

Rewire: Flood of Out-of-State Money Matches National Attention to Georgia Congressional Race

Jun 2, 2017, 11:42am Regina Willis Turnout will be the deciding factor in a Georgia congressional race that has been flooded with money from national groups, super PACs, and individuals from across the country. More than $31 million has so far flooded a race in Georgia’s Congressional District 6 between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican […]

May 03

NYT: Georgia Wonders: Will Newcomers Dye the Suburbs Blue?

By RICHARD FAUSSET MAY 3, 2017 JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — At first blush, this bedroom city of 83,000 a half-hour north of Atlanta might be mistaken for the perfect example of a white-flight Sun Belt suburb. It sits squarely in the congressional district once represented by Newt Gingrich, with excellent public schools and master-planned communities […]

Apr 24

WABE: Early Voting Could Get Easier In 6th District Runoff

By JOHNNY KAUFFMAN • APR 24, 2017 DeKalb’s top elections official said there’s “no doubt” the county’s board of elections will call for an additional early voting location ahead of the closely watched special election in the 6th Congressional District set for June 20.  Maxine Daniels, DeKalb’s director of voter registration and elections, said the […]

Apr 18

Fox News: New details emerge in theft of Ga. voting machines

By Christopher Wallace Published April 18, 2017 Key electronic voter logs used in the Georgia special election to fill a vacant Congressional seat were swiped from the pickup truck of a poll worker during a grocery run, according to a police report obtained by Fox News. The theft of early voting check-in books has […]

Apr 15

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Talking trash with Mayor Tumlin

CALLING CAPTAIN AMERICA: Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd believes he’s found the source of Democratic Congressional hopeful Jon Ossoff’s support. “There is only one group powerful enough to manufacture a candidate like Jon Ossoff out (of) thin air and pump more than $10 million into his campaign. #HailHydra,” Shepherd posted on his Facebook page Friday, […]

Apr 13

NPR: Political parties spend big in Georgia’s special congressional election

By Johnny Kauffman April 13, 2017 | 12:00 PM The November election was only five months ago, but already Republicans and Democrats are raising and spending big bucks in special congressional elections, like those in Kansas and Georgia this month. The outside money is really pouring into Georgia, where a special election is set for […]

Apr 13

MDJ: Letter to the Editor: 6th District voters ‘too darn smart’ to elect Ossoff

DEAR EDITOR: Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff is right when he told Around Town that 6th District voters “are just too darn smart,” but he’s wrong about it having anything to do with negative ads against him. Sixth District voters are just too darn smart to vote for a 30-year-old with a resume that includes “congressional […]

Apr 12

POLITICO: Rattled Republicans turn their eyes to Georgia

“By Democrats pumping in money here, they’ve awakened the sleeping giant that is the Republican base in the district,” said Jason Shepherd, chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party. “There are not enough Democrats here to win, unless the Republican base doesn’t turn out, but now the base knows that they need to turn out.”