"The grand ideas of Ronald Reagan live…in young Americans like Jason Shepherd…"

MDJ: AROUND TOWN: Another Cobb transit study?

GRAND OLD PARTY: The Georgia Republican Party elected Cobb County resident John Watson as its new chairman at Saturday’s convention in Augusta. Watson, a founding member of the lobbying firm Massey, Watson, Bowers and Hembree, served as then-Gov. Sonny Perdue’s chief of staff.

“It just goes to show the strength of the Cobb County Republican Party to have a state party chairman once again along with Randy Evans as national committee man, and not only that but someone who will put the Republican Party of Georgia back on a strong financial footing,” said Jason Shepherd, Cobb GOP chair. “John Watson has the experience as the former chairman of the Georgia Republican Foundation, and I know he will work very hard to not only get us out of debt but to really grow the grassroots throughout the state.”

County party chairmen elect two caucus chairs to speak for all the county Republican parties in Georgia. One chair is elected for counties under 80,000 and one for counties over that number. The party chairs elected Shepherd chairman of the caucus over 80,000, a position that represents 7.5 million Georgians.