Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff is right when he told Around Town that 6th District voters “are just too darn smart,” but he’s wrong about it having anything to do with negative ads against him.

Sixth District voters are just too darn smart to vote for a 30-year-old with a resume that includes “congressional staffer” and little else. Too darn smart to be fooled by a candidate who claims to represent the values of the district, but doesn’t even live in the district. And too darn smart to let Nancy Pelosi and the far left-wing of the Democratic Party try to buy this seat by having New Yorkers and Californians pump nearly $10 million into Ossoff’s campaign coffers.

Sixth District voters are some of the smartest voters in the nation. They elected Newt Gingrich, who went on to be Speaker of the House, Johnny Isakson who went on to become our U.S. senator, and Dr. Tom Price, who went on to be Secretary of HHS to Congress. Sixth District voters know a leader when they see one, and they are just too darn smart to elect someone who would go to Congress only to be a Pelosi clone and another Democrat obstructionist against the conservative values 6th District voters have sent those previous three leaders to Washington to fight for.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, who will have wasted all those millions on Ossoff, I, for one, am very glad the voters of the 6th District are just too darn smart.

Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party


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