I’ve been involved in Republican politics since 1992. I’ve met quite a few activists, but few have the courage to fight when it is unpopular, the vision to understand how a difference can be made, the compassion to be fair to others even when they disagree with him, and the drive to go after goals and inspire others to join him in pursuing those goal like Jason Shepherd. 

I could give a long list of titles that he has held, but let’s discuss just a few of the things he’s actually done. When we were both Congressional District Chairs, our congressional districts (and Gordon County) held a picnic with over 600 attendees and 30 candidates and raised money for all parties involved. He’s helped coordinate training and teach candidates running for county level office in more than one election cycle. 

He grew the Young Republican club he chaired, while state chairman produced a DVD of those trainings, and while General Counsel for the Young Republican National Federation he helped rewrite the YRNF rules. 

He has knocked on some of the same doors with me, made phone calls, traveled to other states, and even ran for office himself. 

In short, if you are looking for someone who can raise money, attract volunteers, know the rules, follow the rules, be fair to all involved, train candidates, work for candidates, organize events, and put forth a professional image while doing so, Cobb County Republicans would do well to elect Jason Shepherd and his team to make Cobb Red again.

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