Congratulations on your being elected as a delegate to the Cobb County Republican Convention at our recent Mass Precinct Meeting, February 11. This is an exciting time for the Cobb County GOP as we’ve elected a focused, business-oriented, determined President to lead our nation! It is imperative to keep that momentum and bring the message to our local governments to not only insure we KEEP COBB GREAT, but that we also work hard to MAKE COBB RED AGAIN!

Cobb County turned blue in our last Presidential election, and it was not without concern to many hard working Republicans who turned out at our Mass Precinct meeting. Many also voiced concern that the Mass Precinct Meeting process was long and disorganized.

I agree, and that’s one of the first things me and my team will evaluate and simplify for future Mass Precinct meetings. It should never confuse the participants desiring to become involved in the goal to MAKE COBB RED AGAIN!

For those who do not know me, let me take this time to quickly introduce myself and share my experiences that I will bring to the Cobb GOP as your Chairman. I’m Jason Shepherd and I am asking for your support and your vote at the March 11 Convention to become the new chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party (Cobb GOP).

I am the proud husband of an immigrant who loves our country, embraced its Freedoms and Constitution, and became an American Citizens three years ago. We have chosen to raise our two children in Cobb County. We are raising them to love our country, understand the sacrifices for our Freedoms, honor our Constitution, and understand their right to vote is their own voice in making a difference.

I became involved in Georgia politics as a freshman attending the University of Georgia in the fall of 1994, after seeing an ad saying, “College Republican Meeting, 8:00 PM.”

That year, the Republican Revolution swept the GOP into control of Congress for the first time in 40 years and my Congressman, Newt Gingrich, into the role as Speaker. Since that meeting and the 22 years following, I have had the privilege of being elected to serve my fellow Georgia Republicans in numerous positions within the Republican Party, including Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee, State Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans, and Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

In my professional life, right out college, I worked for two members of Congress, Gingrich, and John Linder, as well as the Georgia General Assembly as Chief of Staff to a State Senator. I was serving our Georgia as a State Fire Marshal when I started going to law school at night. Towards the end of law school, I worked in the Cobb Solicitor’s Office prosecuting misdemeanors.

You can find out more about me, my family, and meet our entire team at!

I am running for CHAIRMAN of the COBB COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY (Cobb GOP) because I believe Cobb County needs to remain RED, and I desire for our community to be the absolute best it can be, continue to be governed with steady, conservative leadership, and support those Republicans choosing to be representatives for our cities, our county, our state, and our national governments. That’s our job as your GOP Leaders.

It is a great concern to many of us that in last year’s Presidential election, Cobb County went BLUE for the first time in 40 years and we saw the election numbers of many Republican incumbents fall.

In the business world, that’s called losing market share. And the Democrats are posed and ready to take advantage of it!

I find that unacceptable when the sole purpose of the Cobb GOP is to rally our fellow Republicans in supporting the values of our party, to work with surrounding Republican organizations in insuring we have Cobb County canvassed, and keeping the values of our families and party in the forefront of ALL we do.

That’s why me and my team need your help to MAKE COBB RED AGAIN!

We encourage you to watch the video and find out more about our vision for Cobb County and the Republican Party.

Visit us online at or on Facebook where you can join the conversation.

I am looking forward over the next couple of weeks sharing the vision we have for making Cobb County Red Again.

Yours in freedom,

Jason Shepherd

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