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MDJ: Chatterbox: Cobb GOP chairperson race gets heated

by MDJ staff The Marietta Daily Journal
March 13, 2015
This week, Bill Simon’s Political Vine newsletter alleged financial irregularities on the part of Rose Wing, who is running for chair of the Cobb GOP.

Wing is running against Jason Shepherd in Saturday’s election.

On Thursday, the “Rose Wing for Cobb GOP Chair” Facebook page shared an email to Wing from former county Chairman Bill Byrne in which Byrne addressed the Political Vine allegations.

“Jason is obviously distressed and panic stricken to stoop to this level of campaigning, and Bill Simon is only too eager to help out!!! To attack you, based on ‘ALLEGED’ activities, is repulsive,” Byrne wrote. “The Cobb County Republican Party needs your leadership and clearly, Jason Shepherd and Bill Simon’s campaign tactics clearly show what the Republican Party does NOT represent!!!”

Shepherd, meanwhile, put out his own statement on Facebook, noting, “I have worked hard, despite attacks from our opponents against myself and members of our team, to stay positive and offer a clear and strong vision for the future of the Cobb County Republican Party.”

Shepherd went on to say “I want to make it abundantly clear that I categorically reject the accusations made by Mr. Bill Byrne and other members of Ms. Wing’s campaign of some sort of coordinated effort on my part. As Mr. Byrne, Ms. Wing and others on their team have felt they needed to bring me into this controversy, then there is no choice but to respond and demand Ms. Wing address the very serious and troubling issues of financial impropriety raised by Mr. Simon instead of attacking the messenger.”

To learn more about both candidates, see today’s front page.

It is not uncommon for the GOP chairman’s race to become something of a boxing match. In 2013, for example, Cobb GOP Chairman Joe Dendy was challenged by businessman Oleg Ivutin of Smyrna. Dendy accused Ivutin of leading a group of Ron Paul supporters to infiltrate the party and change it into something it’s not.

“We look at those people who were voting against me as outsiders that made their way into our convention, because they’re not truly Republican Party people,” Dendy said at the time.

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