"The grand ideas of Ronald Reagan live…in young Americans like Jason Shepherd…"

Erick Erickson Endorses Jason Shepherd on WSB Radio

Dear Cobb Republican

I want to encourage you to vote for my good friend, Jason Shepherd, for Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party this Saturday, March 14, at the Cobb County Republican Convention.

I have known Jason for nearly 20 years. He is a true conservative Republican who has spent the last two decades working to build the Republican Party, not just in Cobb County or Georgia, but throughout our nation.

At a time when too many Republicans in Atlanta and Washington, DC seem to be working against our conservative values, we need a Republican Party that will stand for those values, as Reagan said, a revitalized Republican Party of BOLD COLORS, not pale pastels.

I have seen Jason Shepherd make the hard stands in the past and know he will continue to do so as Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party. I encourage you to vote for him, and the team he has put together to lead Cobb County, at the March 14 Republican Convention.


Erick Erickson