Hello, I’m Barack Obama



Kerry get up

Hey, Hey,  Hey

Hey, Hey,  Hey

Hagel get up

Hey, Hey,  Hey


[Verse 1]

If you can’t hear what I’m trying to say

If you can’t read from the front page

Maybe they’re using gas,

Maybe they’re going crazy,

Maybe they crossed my Red line.


Media get up


OK now Assad was close, tried to eliminate them

But they’re a terror group, fighting’s in their nature

Just let me liberate them

Hey, hey, hey

My resolve is in the papers

Hey, hey, hey

That man will meet his maker


And that’s why I’m gon’ take a bad boy

I’m gonna bomb him.

Me and Hollande.

We’re gonna bomb him.

He’s a bad boy

Can’t let it get past me

Did he gas them?

Assad’s bout to get blasted

I hate these blurred lines

I wanna bomb him.

Can I bomb him?

I wanna bomb him.

But we’re the good guys

The way he mocks me

Must wanna get nasty

Just try to stop me

France get up.


[Verse 2]

What do we need the UK for

If they just close their door

No need to threaten Damascus more

Time to put Assad in his place

I feel so lucky, France is with me

What more do I need?







[Verse 3]

Mister House Speaker

One thing I say to you

Lemme be the one to take task with you

From Washington to Paris too

I don’t need Congress, the President can just do

So, who cares what you wanna pass through?

I’ll shoot something big enough to tear Syria in two

Nag on him, ask Putin to act casual

I mean, Russia’s just unbearable

In a hundred years not dare would I

To make the world safe just pass me by (#LEGACY)

I’m nothin’ like our last guy, he claimed WMDs too.

Assad won’t shoot that gas or pull crap like that

So I’m just watching and waitin’

My Red Line I’m not re-drawin’

While intel to justify the strike we’re gathering

I’m a nice guy, but don’t get confused, this happenin’



Shut-up China

Get down, get up-a

Do it like it hurt, Assad’ll hurt

What you don’t like war?



[Verse 4]

Hey they can’t breathe

It’s all over Twitter

No resolution do we need

We’re just gonna hit ‘er

No more pretending

Cause now we’re winning

Here’s our beginning

I always wanted a



If you need a refresh on how the original goes, here it is.

“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke parody written by Jason Shepherd. All Rights Reserved.

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