(Marietta, GA) – Republican State House candidate Jason Shepherd posted his strongest fundraising numbers yet with $ 16,753.10 raised in the period ending September 30, 2010. Among Shepherd’s contributors is Atlanta philanthropist and co-founder of The Home Depot, Bernie Marcus.

“It is truly an honor to have the support of one of Atlanta’s best known businessmen,” said Shepherd. “Mr. Marcus has left a major impact on our community through both his business and charitable endeavors.”

Shepherd has raised a total of $38,817 from almost 320 contributions since beginning his campaign.

“Our average contribution is $121.30,” Shepherd said. “Many people are still hurting in this economy, but they believe we must turn our state around and are willing to invest in that kind of renewal.”

Shepherd’s opponent, the Democrat incumbent, has continued to raise funds mostly from special interests including, once again, organized labor.

“It has been a goal of the Democrats in Washington to end right to work laws in the states like Georgia,” said Shepherd. “Considering how much organized labor has contributed to my opponent, it would seem obvious that he would fall in line with that goal.”

Shepherd believes that the contrast could not be clearer in this election.

“On one hand, you have candidate that is supported by Bernie Marcus, one of our state’s leading entrepreneurs, a man who has helped create thousands of jobs in our state,” said Shepherd. “On the other hand, you have a candidate that’s in the back pocket of big labor bosses like the AFL-CIO and the UAW. I am confident the voters will make the right decision as to which candidate can get Georgia working again.”