Shepherd Tops Johnson in Vote Totals

Receives over 900 more votes unopposed than Johnson does in his contested primary

(Marietta, GA) – Republican State House candidate Jason Shepherd received over 900 more votes than his opponent, incumbent Democrat Terry Johnson, in Tuesday’s primary election. Shepherd, who was unopposed on the Republican ballot, received 2,227 votes while Johnson, who was facing a primary challenge by political newcomer Mark Koch, received only 1,297 votes according to the unofficial results published by the Secretary of State’s Office.

“I am thrilled to see this level of excitement among Republican voters,” said Shepherd. “We have only just begun to get our message about job creation, education, and accountability out and it is already having an impact.”

Typically, unopposed candidates experience a significant amount of “drop-off” if they are unopposed. While voters are more likely to vote in a contested race, regardless of their knowledge of the two candidates, they tend to skip over uncontested races. That result can be found in the statewide results for Senator Johnny Isakson and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. Both candidates were unopposed and both received over 100,000 less votes than all of the gubernatorial candidates combined. The lower down the ballot a race is, the higher the drop-off.

“We experienced about a 25% drop-off as compared to the governor’s race,” said Shepherd. “The Johnson-Koch primary only received about a 13% drop-off.”

With polls both in Georgia and nationally showing Republicans expected to turn out in high numbers this year, the primary results do not look promising for Johnson.

“Voters in Cobb have a clear choice this year between someone who brings new ideas and a fresh approach versus someone who does not have one single legislative accomplishment in the six years he has represented this district,” said Shepherd. “A choice between more accountability versus a Representative who abuses his taxpayer funded expense account to send out taxpayer reimbursed mailers during the campaign and spends over $3,150 of our tax dollars to refurnish his office during the worst recession our state has faced. I am confident the voters will make the right choice this November.”

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