In 1884, Democrat nominee Grover Cleveland was running for President against the Republican Speaker of the House, James Blaine.

Cleveland, who was single, was rumored to have fathered a child out of wedlock. The GOP dogged Cleveland by calling out at Cleveland rallies, “Ma! Ma! Where’s my Pa?!”

After Cleveland’s win, making him the first Democrat to win the White House in nearly 30 years, his supporters retorted with, “Gone to the White House, ha! Ha! Ha!”

Sue Everhart, our state party chair, told Fox 5’s Paul Yates that the issue with Sarah Palin’s daughter is a personal, family issue.

Sue has an advantage that my wife and I have not had the pleasure of yet, raising a child to adulthood. I do know that you can try to teach your children the best you can and even different children in the same family will grow to be very different adults.

The difference is that in the Palin family, an unexpected child is not viewed as a punishment, like it is in the Obama family, but as a precious gift.

Just like the issue with experience, if the Democrats really want to go there, I hope they start with a 21st Century version of Cleveland’s, “Ma! Ma! Where’s my Pa?”

If they do, like the Democrats in 1884, we’ll be able to retort, “Gone to the White House. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Originally published and featured as part of Fox 5 Atlanta’s 2008 Republican National Convention coverage.

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