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No, I’m not referring to the 45 points scored by my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, but the fact that my wife and I have made it to Minneapolis. This is the first opening day in Sanford Stadium I’ve missed in many years and the Bulldog Radio Network doesn’t quite reach this far north and more than a few of us on the 8:15AM flight were wearing our Bulldog gear.

I had a unique responsibility in that my first stop here was to the Young Republican National Federation’s national committee meeting. We heard from the Secretary of State of Kentucky (a YR himself who was carrying the proxy for his state’s YR national committeeman). We also heard a great and challenging speech from former Oklahoma Congressman Mickey Edwards. Edwards, like me, also served as a National Vice-Chairman of the YRs. He served in Congress from 1977-1993. After Congress he taught at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and now teaches at Princeton.

He challenged us in that he reminded us that at one point the YRs were the “shock troops” of the GOP ready to fight for “limited government.”

He talked about the idea that the GOP had turned from “limited government” to “small government” The difference is that a government may be small, but still intruding on a citizen’s freedom. “Limited government” may be big, but it stays out of the lives of its citizens. The scope is limited to what it is constitutionally able to do.

In a nation of 300,000,000+, just managing roads requires a big government. The question is are we for a smaller government or one that is more limited.

Sec. of State Trey Grayson serves on the Platform Committee for the RNC. Congressman Edwards gave him a lot to take back to the committee.

On another note, we’ve heard that the Democrats are already bashing us for not stopping the convention in the wake of Gustav.

They don’t care (or maybe it’s their goal) that, just like they had to do for Obama, legally, we must officially nominate McCain for him to run as our standard bearer.

All of the government officials from Louisiana are staying in the state to prepare. Republican Governor Jindal will be much more prepared should Gustav strike his state than Democrat Kathleen Blanco was three years ago. As Republicans, we will be prepared to and able to put together, all together, any aide we can to send to our friends south should they needed. That’s because Republicans actually get things done while Democrats wait for the government to show up and bail them out. Nagin and Blanco illustrated the failure of that policy 3 years ago.

Originally published as part of Fox 5 Atlanta’s 2008 Republican National Convention coverage.

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