So what do I think of the GOP Veep?

Bigger home run than any we’ve seen all season at Turner Field!

44 year old Alaskan Governor Sarah PalinBeing somewhat of a political wonk…or at least a wannabe wonk…I started floating Sarah’s name a few months ago.

As part of the Mike Huckabee team for Georgia, the former Arkansas Governor was my first choice, but in an age where energy issues have risen to the level of “crisis,” the Governor from the most natural resources rich state in the Union isn’t a bad pick.

Additionally, Sarah brings a fresh face to American politics. I mean, how much more Outside-The-Beltway can you get than Alaska? I realize Barack was born in Hawaii (no, not Canada or Nigeria), but Barack is East Coast educated and earned his political stripes in Chicago.

The self-described “Hockey Mom” who put her foot down as Governor to stop the $400 million “Bridge to Nowhere” is a brilliant pick for McCain and represents the real future of the GOP.

I’ll pick anyone who can juggle kids, a career, and put together a sled dog team over either Barack the bodysurfer or Joe Biden’s 30+ year Washington career.

Originally published as part of Fox 5 Atlanta’s 2008 Republican National Convention coverage.

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