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Fox 5 Atlanta: Reading between the Lines

While the Democrats are planning to coronate Obama in his Mile High Temple over there in Denver, the talk has begun in earnest as to who McCain will tap. That individual will be introduced tomorrow.

While I have contended that I am as clueless as anyone else in the process, something came to light today that may signal Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson as the choice.

Just before noon today I received and email from Rich Galen. Rich is the former Communications Director for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. When I joined “Newt World” in February 1998, Rich had moved on to be Executive Director of GOPAC. In March of 1998, Rich started faxing out a little publication called “Mullings.”

For 10 years, with a few breaks, Rich sent out Mullings 3 times a week, first by fax and then, eventually, to several thousand via email.

All of that ended a few months ago when Rich notified us that he was going to work for the Senator from Texas and Senate rules would not allow him to continue publishing Mullings.

The email today was simple…Mullings would resume on Tuesday, September 2.

Why would Rich no longer be under the Senate prohibition after this weekend? Could it be his boss is going to be in line for a bigger job by this time next week?

In less than 24 hours we’ll know.

Originally published as part of Fox 5 Atlanta’s 2008 Republican National Convention coverage.