Jim Galloway
Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 01:16 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia’s border war against Tennesee now has its own Facebook locale, called “35 or Fight.”

The digital militia’s leader is Lt. Col. Jason Shepherd, a local Young Republican. He lists his address as “Chattanooga, Ga.”

In reply, Tennessee has set up its own Facebook defensive force, with the more pedestrian but accurate name of “No Georgia, You Can’t Have Our Water, or Part of Tennessee.”

The provocation in all this, of course, is S.R. 822 filed by state Sen. David Shafer, which claims that the current Tennessee-Georgia border doesn’t follow the 35th parallel as it ought, but runs south of that.

By pushing north, Georgia forces can grab a bend in the Tennessee River and solve north Georgia’s water crisis.

You have to be a Facebook member to choose a side. You can be a friend, or fight. Or both. There’s no safer place for hand-to-hand combat than the Internet.

Hat tip to Blog for Democracy for this one.