Blut und Boden auf dem Potomac
A (beer-soaked?) report on U.S.-German political diplomacy

Sunday, April 23, 2006, 06:27 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jason Shepherd, a member of state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s staff, sends this report from the next generation of politicians:

“Approxiately 200 Young Republicans and YR alumni were hosted at the German Embassy house for two hours of German beer, hor d’ouvres and politics. The hosts talked about a new spirit of cooperation between the Bush administration and the government of Angela Merkel who will be visiting DC in less tham two weeks. YR National Chairwoman Nicolee Ambrose talked about how much the CDU has in common with our party as opposed to the SPD under Schroeder.

“With Germany the fourth largest economy in the world, continued economic cooperation is vital for both economies.”

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