How can Doubts About War, or any other group for that matter, still be organizing protests after what we have seen and heard since the liberation of Baghdad? I see masses of Iraqis celebrating their new found freedom, hugging and kissing American and British troops and trying to remove any and all portraits, statues or anything else with Saddam’s image on it.
I wonder when these anti-war groups will start holding candlelight vigils for the millions of Iraqis who were murdered at the hands of the regime. They trust the United Nations, who promoted Iran and Libya to head up the Commission on Human Rights, more than the coalition. According to U.N. estimates, 5,000 Iraqi children a year have died of starvation and malnutrition while Saddam has built palaces under the Oil for Food program. Still they march against this war. Germany, France and Russia sell arms to Iraq in violation of U.N. sanctions and negotiate billion-dollar oil contracts with Saddam, but still they claim these countries to be more enlightened than us.

If Doubts About War still has doubts, that’s fine, but it will not be showing support for our troops by organizing a media event. It will only be showing continued support for a mass murderer and his now defunct regime as being more trustworthy than us. If they want to protest, they need to be truthful about what they are protesting – the fact they just don’t like Bush.

Jason Shepherd

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on Friday, April 18, 2003.

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